Open Call: CTIN is looking for a North African Regional Ambassador

Are you a Civic Tech innovation initiative in North Africa? Join our Community of Practice and become your region’s civic tech community ambassador. 

CTIN’s Regional Ambassador Programme aims to grow our network and expand our current Community of Practice to include and highlight more civic tech innovators, organisations, researchers, practitioners, and other experts working and interested in the civic tech field across Africa, especially underrepresented countries. CTIN recognises the importance of not only solidifying its reach and regional partnerships across the African continent but also how equally important to build these partnerships with ambassadors working on the ground and best understand the unique experiences of their region.

These ambassadors are CTIN’s ears and eyes on real issues on the ground and assist CTIN curate content and activities suitable for that region. Through regional ambassadors/partners, we know who to approach and what issues are most pertinent in that region.

The roles and responsibilities of the ambassadors would involve a one-year commitment that could be in the form of a paid or volunteer role. This includes

  • gathering regional insight
  • mobilising participation
  • sharing information with and from CTIN,
  • promoting CTIN events,
  • opportunities and learning and
  • introducing new civic tech initiatives from the region to CTIN among other things.

Learn more about current regional ambassadors here

Application Due: Wednesday, 24 May 2023

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