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SafeBangle’s innovative safety bracelets are equipped with advanced features, including real-time lo

SKIKA is a tech-based solution that re-imagines civic engagement – the SKIKA Mobile Application. Thi

Kukua is an educational entertainment company and the creator of ‘Super Sema’. Its mission is to giv

uLesson is a Nigerian EdTech platform, which offers live online lessons, video lectures, and persona

Black Ubuntu known as BU, represents the authentic self-expression to “Be you”. BU will go beyond Th

The Beyond the Ballot Box project aims to build on behavioural science research to help the local go

Digify Africa is a youth-led organisation that is at the forefront of shaping Africa’s digital futur

Co-Development Hub is a social innovation center that intersects creativity, arts, and technology in

The Campaign on Digital Ethics (CODE) is a South African non-profit, civil society organisation dedi

“Living Data Hubs: People and Data in Kibera” is a collaborative project seeking to address the crit

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