Showcase your initiative at #CTIF22: Unplugged (but still connected)

Open Call for Exhibitors at Civic Tech Innovation Forum 2022

The Civic Tech Innovation Network (CTIN) will be hosting its annual CTIF 2022 hybrid event from 03 to 27 October 2022. CTIN’s annual conferences are intended to enable the civic tech community to engage face to face, learn about innovations, tools and techniques, share experiences and meet potential collaborators. The event presents an opportunity for attendees to gain an overview of the developments in the civic tech sector in Africa and the rest of the world.

The CTIF22 Exhibition/World Cafe is an exhibition that showcases African innovations at the intersection of technology and civic activism, social justice, governance, journalism, media innovation and much more. It aims to highlight and celebrate African innovations. The idea behind the exhibitions is to have amazing displays of civic tech initiatives from all over Africa. The exhibition will showcase “Who is doing what in the African Civic Tech space”. CTIF22 will highlight some of the most interesting, effective and innovative civic tech initiatives in Africa.

Submit your Initiative Here

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