Current Projects

Urban Data Stakeholders Mapping Project

The South African Cities Network (SACN) in partnership with Civic Tech Innovation Network (CTIN) undertook a stakeholder mapping of urban data ecosystem actors and initiatives in the South African metropolitan context through a contracted professional services provider.

The purpose of the project is to map stakeholders in the South African urban data ecosystem, with a focus on actors and initiatives in the urban data space.

For the full stakeholder map, Click on the image

Read the full report here


SA COVID-19 Data Mapping

In 2020, the SACN compiled an open evidence mapping of the use of open government data to address the COVID-19 response in South Africa’s cities and provinces. 

All entries were compiled and shared in this composite, shared Google Document.

Ongoing Research Projects

CTIN is currently conducting research into several themes of civic tech in Africa.

The research will analyse the African Civic Tech Africa Atlas and Case Studies database projects, mining the information CTIN has been collecting to analyse and profile civic tech activities in SA & Africa.

The research entails defining the civic tech space and documenting the evolution of the civic tech movement in Africa, identifying the most effective actors, measuring their impact and success, finding missing gaps within the civic tech ecosystem, and eventually discovering civic tech’s potential within the African context. This research is linked to the research agenda of the Wits School of Governance.

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