Developing an applied understanding of civic tech projects and organisations

Do you want to understand the evolution of civic tech trends and opportunities in the context of socio-economic challenges, governance, and social activism? Apply for the course offered by the Wits School of Governance focusing on Civic Tech Innovation happening from the 27th to the 31st of March 2023
Course Overview

Civic tech is the effective use of appropriate digital technologies and methodologies in connecting government and citizens, in public participation, in transparency and accountability and in delivering public services. The course is designed to provide participants with skills to develop an applied understanding of how to use technological platforms to enhance the interface between government and citizens in the delivery of services.

What to Expect from the Course

Upon successful implementation of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the evolution of civic tech trends and opportunities in the context of socio-economic challenges, governance, and social activism.
  2. Define and identify the role and opportunities for digital innovation in the delivery of public services.
  3. Use different research tools to improve access and delivery of services to citizens.
  4. Use appropriate and innovative strategies and tools to improve the interface between the public sector and citizens in the delivery of services.
  5. Take an institutional view on civic tech platforms and how organisations can be established and sustained in terms of management, governance, and government.
    Applications are open for March 2023 intake
Timeline and Tuition

The sessions will run over five (5) days from the 27 – 31 March 2023. Classes will be offered face to face at Wits School of Governance, Parktown management campus in Johannesburg. The tuition fee for the Civic Tech Innovation short course will be R35 000.

NB: Bursary opportunities are available for RSA students employed by the government or a civil society organisation and are subject to the short course minimum requirements and motivation.

More information about the course


Please take note of the information on the attached course outline. Should you wish to enrol, kindly complete the online application via this link or alternatively, you can complete the attached application form electronically and send it back to me at with the below-supporting documents so that you can be considered for screening:

1.           Completed application form

2.           Your updated comprehensive CV

3.           Certified copies of your qualifications, including matric certificate

4.           Certified copy of your ID/ Passport

Application Form


The deadline for applications is 3 March 2023. All applications will be screened by the course academic champion, and we will notify you of the outcome.

After applicants have been accepted, our finance office will provide invoices. Fees will need to be paid in full before the short course commences. Accepted applicants from outside the Gauteng Province, South Africa will need to arrange their own travel and accommodation.  

Please feel free to contact Lerato Mooya at should you need further information.

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