CTIN Annual Report 2022/23

2022/23 was very much a year of reconnecting and rebuilding after the #unplugged years. The civic tech community – like many other organisations and movements – faced many challenges. However, we continue to believe in the work and to grow. Importantly, the Network has sustained, and we continue to affirm the value of our mission: By connecting people with diverse knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise, and providing relevant information and insights on civic tech from the African continent and elsewhere, we aim to contribute to growing the civic tech community, improving practices and outcomes.

The year has been an active one of building sub-regional presence through the successful Regional Ambassadors Programme pilot; securing new partnerships and members; launching new research tools and products; executing ongoing events and our flagship Civic Tech Innovation Forum; and much more as presented in this annual review. 

This annual review looks into the year 2022/23 and the achievements of this period

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