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Every year CTIN plans to put together the only civic tech conference in the continent, the Civic Tech Innovation Forum aims to bring the civic tech community together. The event is for all people who are interested in how new technologies could enable better services and relationships between government and citizens.

We invite the civic tech community, government and non-governmental organisations including techies, activists, current and potential civic tech users, students and the digital media community to come and join us once a year.

The annual conferences are intended to enable network members to engage face to face, learn about innovations, tools and techniques, share experiences and meet potential collaborators. They present an opportunity to gain an overview of what is going on in the sector in South Africa, Africa and the world. They also provide an opportunity for CTIN to consult with network members to inform the design of future activities.

The Civic Tech Innovation Network had planned to host its annual Civic Tech Innovation Forum in March 2020 however due to the COVID-19 pandemic the conference was turned into several virtual events, “webinars” discussing various topics. Here are the webinar videos and articles, watch, read and share.

#CTIF2020: Has civic tech delivered on its much-hyped promise? | Al Kags

#CTIF2020: COVID-19: reshaping the norm | CTIF reflects with Craig Wing

#CTIF2020: Strengthening the Civic Tech ecosystem in South Africa 

#CTIF2020: Covid-19 is changing our societal values

The proliferation of the Coronavirus could be an opportunity to develop new people-centred values and practices

#CTIF2020: Social norms and people should drive civic tech

How can we leverage and support civic tech in South Africa going forward?

#CTIF2020: Minimise civic tech hype, maximise people, inclusion and participation

Four key takeaways on whether civic tech has delivered on its “hyped-up”’ promise

CTIF2020 goes virtual

Join us on Thursday and Friday for civic tech webinars with some of the speakers for the Civic Tech Innovation Forum

Innovation Q&A: #CTIF2020 Keynote speaker, Al Kags

One of our keynote speakers shares his thoughts on the Civic Tech community in Africa