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The Civic Tech Innovation Network (CTIN) is a Community of Practice (CoP) and action learning network for people with an interest and commitment to leveraging the nexus between technology and civic activism.

Are you a civic tech enthusiast, innovator or someone planning a new civic tech initiative?

Our network is a hub for information learning and collaborations in the ‘civic tech’ space
Meet our regional ambassadors – Strengthening regional connection and participation in the civic tech space

Do you have any questions about civic tech and the ‘network’?


Case studies

The Civic Tech Innovation Network (CTIN) is welcoming any case studies that focus on topics related to civic tech. The African Civic Tech Case Studies is a project aimed at building and creatively disseminating an aggregation of African case studies on civic tech practices and lessons from various contexts.


The African Civic Tech Atlas is a living collection of civic tech initiatives in Africa. This is for the civic tech community to use in research, articles and other media (we would appreciate the shout-out though). This is a great resource that can help the community understand what is going on in the civic tech and civic innovation fields in Africa and also see who is involved, what they are doing and what successes and challenges they are facing.

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