CIVICUS Regional Co-Design Project

In February 2024, OpenUp, in partnership with CTIN started work on the Regional Co-Design Process – a project funded by CIVICUS. The project aims to publish preliminary user research to support CIVICUS’s Digital Democracy Initiative’s Enable and Amplify project. CTIN is responsible for the stakeholder mapping component of the project which aims to identify needs and prototype resources to enhance digital action for inclusive democracy across five global regions, aiming for comprehensive engagement and consensus among diverse local civil society actors. A User Survey was designed and distributed to a list of civic tech organisations and other civil society organisations in sub-Saharan Africa. CTIN’s main responsibilities are to leverage our networks and communications to support research and engagement. A regional co-design workshop is scheduled for 28-30 May in Nairobi, Kenya. OpenUp is in the process of identify 19 participants from the identified stakeholder list to attend the workshop, after preliminary interviews with survey participants

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