Open Call for Virtual Musical Performances at CTIF22: Unplugged (but still connecting)

Open Call for Virtual Performers at CTIF22 Now Open

CTIF and Jamfest have an emergent tradition of celebrating African innovation alongside the recognition and enjoyment of the artistic and cultural talents that inspire Africa’s creativity. This year, we continue in this tradition and we invite musical performers to send in their applications to be part of this annual event.
Virtual Musical Performers at #CTIF22
About Civic Tech Innovation Forum 2022 (CTIF22)

Building on previous successes and lessons from the last five CTIF conferences, this year, the Civic Tech Innovation Network (CTIN) is doing the Civic Tech Innovation Forum (CTIF) a little differently. CTIF22 will be a hybrid event, featuring a full week exhibition, virtual events and a two-day in-person event in Johannesburg, South Africa. The convening aims to bring together Africa’s small but active civic tech community – which includes both governmental and non-governmental practitioners – for the purpose of sharing, learning, inspiration and overall capacity building.

CTIN’s annual conferences are intended to enable network members and other interested parties to engage face to face, learn about innovations, tools and techniques, share experiences and meet potential collaborators. They present an opportunity to gain an overview of what is going on in the sector in Africa and the world. They also provide an opportunity for CTIN to consult with network members to inform the design of future activities.

CTIF22 Theme – Unplugged (but still connecting)

Much can be said about the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects it has had on our sense of community. We have connected virtually with the rest of the world for over two years and have been online more than any other time in our history. In 2022, we go unplugged but still remain connected – bringing real, clear and stripped-down conversations. To read more about CTIF22, click here.

CTIF Musical Performances: Objectives and Usage

The goal for CTIF22 #Unplugged and its attendees is to feel moved and inspired. The musical performances at CTIF’s have always been more than mere entertainment; they have been about creatively accentuating and enhancing the conference experience and messaging. In line with the #Unplugged theme, it must feel like one holistic experience and feature stripped down and acoustic interpretations of the music and songs.

The recordings will be used during the Virtual segment of the CTIF running from 17 – 19 October 2022. Thereafter, the videos will be uploaded to communications platforms (website and Youtube) and content duly credited to the artist(s), production and technical team.

Prior CTIF performances may be viewed here.

S’phiwe Moya singing ‘Ngafa at #CTIF21
Brief: Artist and Technical Requirements

Applicants must demonstrate that they can provide the following services:

  • Identify a list of potential artists (with whom you have license or permission to record) and styles for consideration with the Client, from which the final selection can be made;
  • Curate and Produce a set of video recordings by shooting/filming 4 live song performances (these may include custom “shout-outs” to the host event upon agreement);
  • Edit and compile the audiovisual recording (sound with mixing and mastering, event captioning, etc.);
  • Sign-off on Agreement for CTIN use and promotion of the recordings.
Application Process

Please submit the following documents via email at with “CTIF Musical Performance Application” as the subject line by no later than Sunday, 07 August 2022:

  1. A letter describing your approach, how the performances will align with the CTIF theme and your service quotation in specific reference to all of the Brief Requirements; 
  2. Attach applicant’s artist portfolio/detailed CV;
  3. Provide links to previously produced audio visual performances;
  4. The names and contact details (phone and email) of 2 referees you have worked with in the past.

*Applications without ALL of the above will not be considered.

The Wits School of Governance, Wits Commercial Enterprise and Civic Tech Innovation Network reserve the right not to make an appointment and continue searching after the closing date. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

CLOSING DATE: 07 August 2022

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