The African Civic Tech Atlas (database) is a living collection of civic tech initiatives in Africa. This database is for the civic tech community to use in research, articles and others. Here, you add your civic tech project, initiative, or organisation and find other civic tech organisations from over 30 African countries that are using technology and other methodologies for civic issues.
This collection of African civic tech case studies is a resource dedicated to sharing lessons and learnings from African innovators. We hope this resource helps the community understand what is going on in the civic tech and civic innovation field in Africa. This is a space to learn and share tips, experiences, successes and challenges facing African civic tech innovators.
Explore our databases below!
  • OpenUp Eviction Project

    OpenUp Eviction Project

    This online guide currently serves as the OpenUp Eviction Project’s core information resource. Being online has the benefit of being easily updatable when new or more relevant …

    OpenUp Eviction Project Read More »

  • ActHub Africa

    ActHub Africa

    Our Goal raise active citizens who will use their voices to hold government accountable thereby helping governance work for people irrespective of their social. Our Vision We …

    ActHub Africa Read More »

  • IWACU Open Data

    IWACU Open Data

    IWACU Open Data, initiated and developed by the IWACU media group, aims to provide open and reusable data about Burundi, and to centralize all valid data about …

    IWACU Open Data Read More »

  • PesaYetu


    PesaYetu helps journalists, researchers and activists transform their work with in-depth county-specific information. Get started now with datasets from Kenya.

  • GoVote


    GoVote.Ng is a platform and campaign to educate Nigerians on how to register to vote in the country’s General Elections and to mobilize them to do so. …

    GoVote Read More »

  • Ufulu Wanga

    Ufulu Wanga

    Ufulu Wanga is a human rights platform that seeks to provide basic and educative information on human rights issues, what to do when you feel your rights …

    Ufulu Wanga Read More »

  • Maso Athu

    Maso Athu

    Maso Athu is a technology application that allows citizens and observers to send in election observation reports using SMS, USSD, Web and mobile Application. Our support through …

    Maso Athu Read More »

  • Mzinda


    Mzinda is a citizen engagement platform where citizens engange with elected councillors, local city councils, ESCOM and Waterboard on service delivery. It is a place where debate …

    Mzinda Read More »

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