Registration for CTIF21 #DIYAfrica Now Open

Register to attend the only civic tech conference in Africa today. We invite you to come and be a part of this exciting community event. We invite the civic tech community, government and non-governmental organisations including techies, activists, current and potential civic tech users, students and the digital media community to join us at the #CTIF21

The annual Civic Tech Innovation Forum (CTIF) 2021 in partnership with Jamlab, which will be hosted from September 13-17, will bring together Africa’s civic tech community, both governmental and non-governmental, for the purpose of sharing, learning, inspiring, and overall capacity building. It presents an opportunity to gain an overview of what is happening in the civic tech sector in Africa and the world. The conference will include a virtual expo, a joint opening plenary and closing plenaries, workshops and more.

The theme for CTIF 2021 will be #DIYAfrica or ‘Do It Yourself”. In the age of digitalisation, DIY is challenging the dominant paradigm of the technology user as consumer to the user as creative co-designer and Africans who are building their own future. DIY is offered as a frame for exploring the potential for a more democratised society – one where technology enables empowerment, participation, critique, and even resistance.

We will be hosting several sessions and each session will interrogate key topics and challenges in the African civic tech space.

What to expect at #CTIF21 #DIYAFRICA

We also have an exciting array of local and international speakers and a jam-packed programme. Here’s what you can expect from this dynamic 5-day festival:

  • All-day exhibitions of African civic tech and the brightest digital media stars
  • Civic tech and digital media innovation workshops
  • Networking opportunities and social activities

This year’s event is hosted on Whova, which will allow attendees to go through an easy registration process, browse the CTIF21 event brochure and create a personalised schedule as well as network with like-minded attendees all in one space. Register for your seat at CTIF21 and download the award-winning WHOVA app or sign up on your desktop.

We look forward to having you at #CTIF2021 #DIYAFRICA.


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