#datamustfall Roundtable

It will help journalists spend fewer hours on end searching for the information

Recent research shows that more than half of South Africans are now using the internet. The good news is that the internet is no longer for the well off. The bad news is that for most people who are dependent on mobile networks to connect, the internet is unaffordable. And worse, the poor pay more because they buy data in small bundles.

There are real opportunities to do something about this now. ICASA, the regulator in charge of mobile networks has committed to work to reduce data costs and the Competition Commission is holding an inquiry in the costs of data.

amandla.mobi has made submissions to both which were respectively supported by more than 30,000 people. Disappointingly very few other non-industry stakeholders made submissions.

We value your contribution. We are therefore writing to invite you to be part of this Roundtable where we want to discuss how we could build a broad-based campaign to increase the visibility of this issue and ensure that decision-makers hear voices other than those of the industry. Details of the Roundtable are as follows:

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