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Civic Tech initiatives

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Name: ADISI-Cameroun

Org. type: Non-Profit

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‘Talk Peace’: Freedom of expression in Cameroon

Post Status: Complete
Main Project Location: Douala
Project country/countries: Cameroon
Project dates: 2010 –
Last updated: 31 October 2023

Brief overview of the Case Study   

‘Talk Peace’: Freedom of expression in Cameron by ADISI-Cameroun aims for an  Africa with more open institutions. An open Institution that promotes peace and equity for inclusive and sustainable development.  Moreover, ADISI-Cameroun allows citizens to have better conditions of access to information and freedom of expression. In addition, they aim for the promotion of good governance. This is done through the establishment of innovative and fruitful links between actors such as state actors, local elected officials, and citizens. This is achieved through appealing in the name of international solidarity, as well as uniting the brotherhood of people in Africa, Cameroon, and the world.

Note that the Association for Integrated Development and Interactive Solidarity (ADISI-Cameroun), created in 2010, is a non-profit civil society organisation under Cameroonian law, which for years has been working on four priority areas:  areas such as

Access to information and Open Data
Freedom of Expression, Press, and Data Journalism
Digital Rights
Studies and Research”

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The challenge or problem

The lack of transparency in both the Cameroonian government and media poses a significant problem to civil society. The free flow of information is severely hindered by a lack of accountability and ADISI-Cameroun seeks to rectify this.

The solution that was implemented

''Their solution is to focus on monitoring:

Journalists and the national press
Custodians of State authority, public administration and elected officials
Partners and heads of organisations
The citizen and his mode of access to citizen information
Activists and Bloggers
human rights defenders
Local and territorial communities"

What results were achieved?

The organisation has made noteworthy strides in publicising knowledge and information, combatting restrictions on freedom of expression, illustrating the importance of open data, emphasising digital rights, and publishing studies and research.

Lessons and recommendations

"ADISI-Cameroun is working towards the realisation of national, regional, and international instruments for the promotion of good governance and human rights by mobilising dynamic and honest actors and networks. Influencing public policies by providing reliable, scientific and credible information based on new information and communication technologies (fact-checking, open data, data journalism). This goes through:

The creation of partnerships;
The development of communication tools: Platform creation (web portals);
Training: to facilitate the civic participation of young people in the design and development of public policies;
The implementation of monitoring sessions for capacity building."

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