Podcast: Embracing Civic Technology to Amplify African Voices

This year marks 15 years since the adoption of the African Charter on Democracy Elections and Governance (ACDEG). The ACDEG is a framework whose main objective was for African States to adopt good democratic and governance principles.

In this episode, we talk about an initiative aimed at boosting civic participation in issues of democratic governance on the African continent. Justin Arenstein spoke to us about the recently launched Charter Project Africa initiative. We talk about how the Civic Tech landscape in Africa and some initiatives doing great work on the continent.

Jason Bygate joins us as co-host for this episode. Jason is the Head of Innovation, Tech, and Data for Development at Capacitate Social Solutions, and he’s recently launched the YoMobi platform in partnership with PwC and UNICEF. He spoke to us briefly about this initiative as well.

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Podcast: Embracing Civic Technology to Amplify African Voices
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