Join us for our next Masterclass: Successful storytelling that builds supportive communities

Join us and learn how to capture and curate your stories in ways that ensure sustainability


During our annual conference, the Civic Tech Innovation Forum 2022 (CTIF22) themed Unplugged (but still connecting) in October, we will once again showcase African civic tech innovations through our exhibition. In preparation, we would like to host a capacity building session for the community focused on how to market/sell/promote/showcase your civic tech initiative, especially for different audiences such as funders, researchers, users, governments etc. 

Capacity Building Overview

CTIN will be hosting a Masterclass titled Successful Storytelling That Builds Supportive Communities on the 29th of June 2022. The session will run from 14:00 to 16:00. This masterclass will be facilitated by Janice Scheckter. This Masterclass is intended to equip our Network with storytelling strategies and tips they can employ when showcasing, promoting and/or telling their stories to different audiences. Further, in this session, we will explore how stories and storytelling can be a collaborative process where all the actors in the story play their roles. There are always good stories in the civic [tech] space, but the failure to capture them authentically and deliver them in compelling ways remains a challenge.

TAKE-AWAYS: We will explore how to collaboratively build the story while building a storytelling community in this session. We will delve into the value of community when it comes to knowledge management and knowledge mobilization.  You will leave with a toolkit that capacitates you to build and share stories in and with the community. 


Janice Scheckter – 

Janice is a digital community advocate. With a background in journalism and marketing, for the past 11 years, she has immersed her business in online community building. An entrepreneur for 30 years and of those, a social / impact entrepreneur for 11 years, Janice has built communities for African educators and education stakeholders, for disability-rights advocacy, and for the Pan-African animal resource community, among others. In 2019 she developed a course for online community design, curation and longevity. Janice is the founder and CEO of Indigo. Africa where the vision to mobilize African knowledge guides the organisation’s work. 

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