CTIF2020 goes virtual

Join us on Thursday and Friday for civic tech webinars with some of the speakers for the Civic Tech Innovation Forum

We are pleased to share some online engagements and snippets that will be available from the exciting line-up that we had for you. These sessions will take place on Zoom, Zoom webinar details for each session are below

1. Civic Tech 2020 with Al Kags (19th of March 2020, 9 AM — 10 AM)

2. COVID-19: reshaping the norm (CTIF reflects with Craig Wing) (Friday, 20 March, 9–10 am)

Topic: Panellists will share their reflections and speculations on potential implications of health pandemics like COVID-19 on communities like CTIN’s. What does COVID-19 (as a blip or a longer-term feature) change, if anything, in how we think of social innovation / civic tech / of COPs / the task of supporting activist tech-based communities?

Moderator: Geci Karuri-Sebina

  • Speaker: Craig Wing
  • Discussants: Koketso Moeti, Richard Gevers, Deborah Byrne

WEBINAR DETAILS: Register in advance for this webinar HERE

3. Strengthening the Civic Tech ecosystem (Friday 20 March, 12–1pm)

Topic: How we expand the civic tech community and its impact? The session will offer local and global reflections on directions, challenges and opportunities for civic tech actors; key messages/ideas for what the enablement issues are; how these could be achieved. After reflections from Taiwan and Africa, the local (SA) discussants will be invited to respond and consider from their unique local vantage points (entrepreneurship, gender, etc.). How can we specifically leverage and support civic tech in SA going forward? How can the people doing civic tech be directly supported/enabled more? What could other ecosystem actors do or how could they support/use civic tech better or differently (raging from those who procure, use, fund, commercialise, study, or talk about the tech)?

Moderator: Geci Karuri-Sebina

Speakers: Audrey Tang — Taiwan, Lesley Williams — Africa
Discussants: Tiyani Nghonyama, Zine Nkukwana
WEBINAR DETAILS: Register in advance for this webinar HERE

We look forward to your participation.

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