Sema Tanzania

Sema Tanzania is a citizen-to-government civic technology built to empower democratic participation through polling, ideation, Forums for collaboration, and access to digital learning. The platform aims to […]

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Centres4Her is a digital platform that is designed by innovators in order to link survivors of violence to available Gender-Based Violence prevention and response services in the

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YoMobi is a digital tool suite that can help to address multifaceted challenges related to youth development, unemployment, and bridging the digital divide for civil society organizations.

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SKIKA is a tech-based solution that re-imagines civic engagement – the SKIKA Mobile Application. This App brings innovation to the governance space, making public information conveniently accessible

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Civic Voices

Civic Voices is a collaborative mobile platform for public participation. The mobile platform helps governments, donor partners and civil society organizations who want to achieve inclusive and

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