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Key Individuals:
Jason Bygate, Linda Kondile

Project owner/Host organisation:
Capacitate Social Solutions

Host organisation type:

Host organisation country/countries: 
South Africa

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Post Status: Active
Initiative recipient country/countries: Africa (not specified)
Initiative dates: 2020 –
Last updated: 7 May 2024

Initiative Description

YoMobi is a digital tool suite that can help to address multifaceted challenges related to youth development, unemployment, and bridging the digital divide for civil society organizations. One of its core functions is enhancing access to suitable technologies and resources, empowering civil society organizations to provide impactful youth development programs. As a multi-tenant platform cooperative, Yomobi provides enables organisations to scale and enhance their youth impact by giving them tools for micro-learning, moderated chats, digital tasks, and a learning opportunity directory.

YoMobi enables organizations to improve learning outcomes, engage youth effectively, and link them to employment opportunities. This approach not only fosters skill development and knowledge acquisition but also facilitates the transition from learning to earning for young individuals. Additionally, YoMobi's focus on bridging the digital divide ensures that organizations and young people from diverse backgrounds can access and utilize digital tools and platforms effectively, thereby promoting inclusivity, equality, and sustainable development in the digital era. Through these efforts, YoMobi contributes significantly to creating a more empowered, skilled, and digitally connected youth population while supporting civil society organizations in achieving their mission of driving positive social change.

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