How to: choose the right civic tech tools

Don’t sabotage your success by choosing — or building — the wrong tech. Alidade offers a free step-by-step guide to choosing tech, and creating a civic tech tool project plan.
It is critical to the success of a project to choose the most appropriate tools. Picture: PEXELS
  1. Understanding your needs: This helps you clarify your project’s objectives, and prompts you to consider what your users want
  2. Understanding the tech: This section helps you establish your requirements, and offers guidance on researching what options already exist
  3. Trying it out: Here Alidade covers planning a trial of the tools you’re considering (an important step that the research revealed was often not taken by organisations with new tools but that proved decisive in improving outcomes)
  4. Getting help: This section helps you assess what kind of technical support you might need to implement or manage the tool chosen, and offers guidance on accessing this.
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