Lessons from an African civic tech budget platform

Collaboration is key for the success of civic tech in Africa.

What do your organisations, BudgIT and Tracka do in Nigeria?

How does your organisation/platforms work?

What advice would you give to other African civic tech startups/projects? Or, put another way, what do you wish you had known when you started?

What lessons have you learned as a civic tech platform/org that you wish other African civic tech enthusiasts to know?

What has been the impact of your work in Nigeria

What difference would you say you are making in the broader scheme of things in Nigeria?

Has the work done by Tracka and/or BudgIT had any impact on how the government/municipalities work?

What have been your most cherished achievements so far and why? What constitutes success in your org?

Can an org like BudgIT really change the way citizens and the government interact?

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