Increasing political participation during elections through civic tech in Africa

The role of civic technologies during elections is to stimulate and strengthen citizen engagement, increase transparency, accountability and democratic governance
The role of civic tech platforms during the Uganda elections

The engagement between citizens and political leaders is ‘quite mediocre,’ said Dijkman and that political leaders in Uganda are not active. She said that political leaders use civic tech platforms “to voice their own agendas and do not engage with citizens such as answering questions and having a dialogue with them”. Even though civic tech platforms may provide more of a voice for people it is limited as “the internet is controlled by the government and civic tech needs to be smarter than just online — ie. using hardware and offline mobile solutions like SEMA does is necessary to get most of the population to participate meaningfully,” said Dijkman. Technology can increase political participation by adapting technology to the people who are being reached out to and knowing who the target users are in order to amplify these voices.

The role of civic tech platforms during the Ghana elections
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