How to help children be responsible digital citizens

The internet was designed for adults however, children and juveniles are using it on a daily basis and in great numbers. Hence, the protection and welfare of children in the digital space are since long been a reoccurring topic in public debate. Governments have enacted regulations on how online services should treat children’s data, prohibit nudge techniques, as well as detect and report abuse. Parents, teachers, and schools are being sensitized and trained to assist children to navigate their online lives.
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There is consensus that “best interest” should govern the systems that give access to child users. This exceptionalism obliges businesses to operate along rules that protect vulnerable users. But what can be done beyond risk aversion, so as to offer opportunities to children in the emerging digital spaces that lead to empowerment and turn children and young people into digital citizens?

The recent Covid19 pandemic underlined the necessity to provide children with access to information and learning. Digital literacy and online safety programming have to be part of every child’s curriculum.

The Digital Dialogue organised International Civil Society Centre and the Civic Tech Innovation Network will explore the role civil society organisations play in moving this agenda forward. Representatives of the Child Fund Alliance and of SOS Children’s Village will report on their activities, experiences, and learnings.

Event Details
Title: Turning Children into Digital Citizens
Date: Thursday, 1 June 2023
Time: 16:00 (CAT)
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