Hacking for Mitigation with Dr Bright Gameli

Written Yasmin Shapurjee


Speaker: Dr Bright Gameli, Afrikahackon

This workshop provided a live demonstration of hacking threats such as ransomware, spyware and phishing that people face on a daily basis within an online setting. In our current reality, Dr Gameli reminded us that due to the dominance of technology and access to the internet, most of our lives and our work are conducted online. He emphasised the importance of being safe and vigilant in this day and age where digital threats are imminent and omnipresent. The workshop took attendees through a presentation of the methods and means that hackers and scammers employ when targeting potential victims.

The presentation was then followed by a discussion on what steps can be taken by people to protect their safety online whether this is their data and personal privacy, their financial privacy and personal well-being. Some suggestions were provided such as regularly changing one’s passwords on all platforms or applications, scrutinising emails and not divulging any personal or financial information to anybody. The workshop provided rich insights into the mind of hackers and the very real dangers in our digital day-to-day lives. While Dr Gameli notes that no-one is immune from digital threats in the form of hacking, he reminded attendees that they can take proactive steps by being aware, alert and ultimately empowered by their agency. 

Watch Full Discussion Here

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