Artificial Intelligence (AI): Celebrating African Innovation but Learning through Challenges

CTIF & Jamfest 2023: #AfricaFlows continues to elicit a series of awakening themes, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Work and Play being one of the first themes to spark conversations at the conference on Tuesday, 17th of October 2023 from 11:00-13:00. AI can be defined as the replication of human intelligence in machines or large, complex computing systems. Although AI is not a novel concept, in our contemporary reality, the rapid speed of technological advancements in AI processing power and generative models such as ChatGPT is generating massive amounts of publicity, speculation and existential questions. AI is revolutionising how we analyse and deal with daily tasks – from work tasks to personal decisions – from generating creative content to forecasting future analyses and trends. However, AI comes with doubt and risk regarding transparency, accountability, inherent biases, ethics and fairness.

Written by Yasmin Shapurjee and  Rofhatutshedzwa Ramaswiela

The AI & The Future of Work and Play session, facilitated by Richard Gevers, from Open Cities Lab, will explore the role and use of AI in our everyday professional and personal lives in African countries. Civil society organisations will frame the discussion, offering unique perspectives from the civic tech, media, innovation and local government sectors. This theme will also delve into AI and its various applications, processes, methodologies and outputs. The AI World Cafe presents a unique opportunity to showcase AI Innovation across various sectors. The AI World Cafe format allows conference participants to rotate between a series of stations to learn – first-hand- from station hosts and engage with projects/tools/innovations on display. Look forward to being immersed in and inspired by AI innovation, with seven  stations, covering the following topics: 

1. WORK: Transforming the world of work (Uber, South Africa)

2. URBAN FUTURES: Reshaping Our Cities (Open Cities Lab)

3. APPLICATIONS: Reach Digital Health 

4. MEDIA: Disrupting the Media Industry (Open Cities Lab)

5. AI-powered platforms for citizen engagement (Chad Innovation Hub)

6. PARTICIPATION: Local government policy and participation: A role for emerging technologies (Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC))7. CREATIVITY: The role of AI for creatives (Africa Mradi, Mozilla Foundation)

The above topics will not only inform people about AI and the Future of Work and Play – they will also spark provocation amongst the diversity of CTIF/Jamfest attendees, especially since AI is integrated into our daily lives, bringing both challenges and opportunities that need to be interrogated and tested. 

We look forward to welcoming you as we kick off our first conference theme!

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