6 Reasons to be Excited About #Unplugged22

6 Reasons to be Excited about #Unplugged22

Get excited! The annual Civic Tech Innovation Forum (CTIF) is back! This year’s theme is “Unplugged (but still connecting)”, where we will explore various themes in the African civic tech space, bringing key leaders, actors, and innovators across the continent together to have real and robust conversations about the effects of digitalisation on our shared experiences. In this Covid-19 recovery phase, we are also asking questions about the evolving role of civic tech and how technology can be leveraged to enhance citizen engagement, access to governance process and improved service delivery.

#Unplugged22 is here, and here are some reasons you may want to get excited about it

Here are some of the events, experiences and opportunities that CTIF22 will bring:

  1. An immersive experience – multiple session formats that are engaging, diverse & fun!

Sessions at this year’s CTIF will range from workshops and roundtables to targeted masterclasses and in-depth ‘Deep Dives’. Some topics to be covered include:

    • Digital Futures 
    • Policy Dimensions
    • Citizen engagements (both platforms and processes) 
    • Digital Threats 
    • Digital Inclusion and 
    • Funding and Sustainability regarding Civic Tech
  1. In-depth learning from renowed & respected civic tech experts, innovators, academics & acrivisits working across Africa

As usual, CTIF will bring people together to share knowledge, experiences and celebrate best practices of civic tech initiatives, partnerships and innovations in Africa. Expect to walk away from sessions feeling inspired, hopeful and eager to continue learning and applying knowedlge in your respective fields and professions. Look forward to session with speakers including:

  1. Skills and capacity development through in-depth training

There will many many opportunities for attendees to up-skill through sessions such as Masterclasses and Bootcamp Trainings. Some of these sessions include learning technical skills whilst others focus on methodolgies and human centred design. Each of these skills development trainings will be tailored to user-needs and will also be collaborative, encouraging mutual learning in the process.  

4. Lots of opportunities for professional networking 

CTIF embraces the idea of all us reconnected after two years of being isolated from each other due to COVID-19. This time round, we look forward to welcome you at CTIF22 for both the virtual and in-person programme. In both contexts, there will be ample time to network with colleagues (old and new). Airmeet offers a virtual hangout for attendees to network, chat and discuss ideas. 

5. Learning and engaging with African Civic Tech Innovators at our Virtual Exhibition (Both virtually on Airmeet and in-person and at The World Cafe). 

In the spirit of celebrating innovations and practice in the African civic tech space, CTIF22 will be hosting a virtua exhibition of African civic tech initatives across Africa. Expect to see interesting, valuable and innovative projects, organisation and initiatives. Below is a snapshot of some of the exhibitors. In the upcoming weeks leading up to CTIF22, keep an eye out for a series of short Exhibitor Profiles of some of these interesting and diverse civic tech initiatives across Africa. These profiles will be posted to our website and provide in-depth insight, reflections and motivations for each project or initiative.

6. Virtual and live entertainment

Lastly, CTIF will also be an event to celebrate the vibrancy of life. We have an impressive enteratinment line up for both the virtual and in-person event. Look forward to an intimate and stripped down (unplugged) sets by the talented Mellow Mmino

So with the above in mind, we really hope you join us at CTIF22. Now more than ever, we are craving to connect. To share ideas in the pursuit of making tangible developments at grassroot community levels, but also across sectors, levels and spheres of government and between likeminded civic tech practitioners, researchers and everyday citizens.


We look forward to welcoming you!

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