Dear CTIN community

As the newest addition to the Secretariat team, you may have already seen me, read about my appointment or heard my voice briefly during engagements. If this is our first encounter, then I am pleased to introduce myself as the new CTIN Programme Coordinator and what a pleasure it has been to join the team and serve the community over the last 3 months.

I joined the CTIN just in time for our annual flagship event, the CTIF, and while I had not been involved in any of the conceptualisation or preparation leading up to the conference, I did not hesitate to jump in and fully immerse myself in the process. While my background has largely been in advocacy, legislative and budget analysis in the education sector, I quickly found my place within the Network as I had worked with, engaged and supported many of the initiatives and organisations comprising our community of practice.

As we near the end of yet another challenging year, the CTIN team would like to thank you for contributing, supporting, participating and co-creating with us in 2021. With each year, we find more innovative ways and tools to respond and react to our changing environments. If there’s one thing I hope to do while in this role at CTIN, it’s to apply the learnings of the past 12 months into realising the Network’s objectives. This will also be informed by the community and so while I bring my perspective and experience, I look forward to engaging with you and adapting our offerings to best serve the needs of the community.

Thank you to the Secretariat team and Reference Group members’ invaluable support — our work and reach would not be possible without them.

I hope you have an amazing and safe festive season. See you in the New Year!


Sihle Gcilitshana

CTIN Programme Coordinator

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