Podcast: CTIF21 – Co-creating meaning, identity, and solutions in and around Africa | Geci Karuri-Sebina

It’s a new season. The Civic Tech in Africa podcast takes on a different format and we welcome Nathi Mcetywa as the new host.
We kickstart this new season with Melissa Zisengwe (Programme Officer at CTIN) as co-host and Geci Karuri-Sebina (National Organiser of CTIN) as the first guest of the new season. Geci Karuri-Sebina joins us to introduce to us her various curiosities and also uses the opportunity to introduce the Civic Tech Innovation Forum 2021 (CTIF21), which will take place on 13-17 September 2021.

This year, the Civic Tech Innovation Forum and Jamfest conferences invite African civic tech innovators, media innovators and stakeholders to connect around the ways in which digital innovators, innovations, initiatives and their support structures are playing out across our continent in the spaces of journalism, media, civic activism and public services, particularly in this pandemic era. The theme of the governance is DIYAfrica and will focus on how we can co-create meaning, identity and solutions in and for Africa.

The conference will be hosted on Whova, an event hosting application. Download Whova to join this week-long conference.

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