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Florence Toffa

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Name: Mobile Web

Org. type: For-Profit/business

Gender, Innovation

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Mobile Web – A community of mobile technology entrepreneurs

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Main Project Location: Accra
Project country/countries: Ghana
Project dates:  –
Last updated: 23 March 2022

Brief overview of the Case Study   

Mobile Web Ghana is a technology hub that trains the youth in entrepreneurship; mobile and web technologies and open data solutions that solve local problems. Other than operating as a technology hub, Mobile Web trains women in IT and mobile applications.

Its vision is that very soon Ghana would see their government institutions open up their data and enable a lot of innovations.

The challenge or problem

Women are poorly represented in the technology ecosystem in the country
Lack of space and services for start-ups and individuals in the field of IT mobile applications and open data solutions
Internet connectivity and affordability is a real problem

The solution that was implemented

Empowering Women
The key to overcoming poverty can be found in the economic empowerment of girls and women. In the age of digitalisation, it, therefore, makes sense for Mobile Web to focus on sharing tech knowledge with women and thereby contribute to reducing the digital gender gap.
CommunityMobile Web fosters a community of individuals, businesses and organizations who strive to leverage technology to solve problems.
There are three approaches to the work of Mobile Web:
Technology Hub

Mobile Web Ghana as a hub offers services to start-ups and individuals to aid them their formative years up on till when they fully-fletched businesses. Web and Software Development – Mobile Web provides consultancy services to companies, international organizations and tech start-ups.

Open Data Projects
Mobile Web Ghana is very active in the Open Data space in Ghana. We have undertaken a number of projects that sought to open up government data to the general public. It has also established a ‘data analysis/visualization’ culture in Ghanaian newsrooms; and trained and developed data capacity of members of staff of government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, including open data enthusiasts.

Mobile Web organises events, hackathons, workshops, training programs etc. to help develop the skills of members of the community, including women and the youth who are enthusiastic about using technology to solve local problems.

What results were achieved?


Lessons and recommendations

Government has their own way of doing things especially when it comes to data. So Mobile Web came up with an upload data challenge or competition for municipalities across the country, in order to encourage the government to can upload public data

It is essential to learn and understand how the government functions and operates

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