Yosr Jouini

Director, Technoloxia and Founder, Accessibility ABCs

Area of Expertise:
Digital Rights and Emerging Technologies

Tunis, Tunisia

This speaker will be speaking at the following SESSION(S):

Masterclass 5: Digital Accessibility for Civic Tech: Accessibility ABCs Toolkit (Technoloxia)

Speaker Bio

Yosr Jouini is an interdisciplinary researcher studying emerging technologies and their social implications in the global South. She leads work at Technoloxia, a North African-based collective with a mission to provide community-centered perspectives on the region from the region. Yosr is the founder of Accessibility ABCs, an initiative promoting accessibility across digital platforms. She also hosts the ‘Digitally Yours podcast‘, which specialises in digital rights. In 2020, Yosr was awarded the "Lina Ben Mhenni Prize for freedom of expression" for her writings on Global Voices.

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