Dr Bright Gameli Mawudor

Founder, Africahackon

Area of Expertise:
Cyber Security, Web3 and Blockchain technology


This speaker will be speaking at the following SESSION(S):

Workshop 2: CYBERSECURITY: Preparing for Digital Threats & Ethical Hacking

Speaker Bio

Dr Bright Gameli Mawudor is a pioneering thought leader in the field of Cyber Security. As the Cyber Security Engineering Lead at MARA, a leader in Web3 & Blockchain technology in Africa, he is at the forefront of innovation. He founded Africahackon, a Cyber Security collective that promotes excellence and community engagement throughout Africa. With a Ph.D. in IT Convergence and Application Engineering, Dr. Bright is a highly respected advisor and has delivered captivating talks at over 260 conferences. His implementation of cutting-edge security systems and cyber resilience advisory for prominent organizations has garnered global recognition. Driven by his expertise and leadership, he is dedicated to securing Africa's digital future.

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