The Urban Knowledge Exchange Southern Africa (uKESA)  is an online platform built to benefit urban development decision makers, urban practitioner, researcher or policy maker by providing knowledge on related issues. It is a “knowledge bank” website where uKESA features content on urban planning, land and human settlements, township economies toolkits, urban innovation and much more. All its content is themed. “uKESA is a collaborative contribution aimed at ensuring that the knowledge that has been, and will continue to be generated during the development of sustainable and inclusive human settlements, is not only captured but also remains accessible to stakeholders within the public, private and civil society sectors,” says CSIR principal researcher, Dr Mark Napier. uKesa was launched in the CSIR in 2019. It also has a portal which is a gateway to further useful websites, apps, and complementary knowledge hubs developed by other organisations engaging in urban development issues. If you are searching for additional information from a particular region, theme, or specific type of knowledge hub or database, use the filtering tools to assist.

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