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Key Individuals:
Valter Cumbi

Project owner/Host organisation:
Ministry of Health (MISAU)

Host organisation type:

Host organisation country/countries: 

Project objective categories: 
Access social benefits, Govtech

Project technologies: 
SMS, USSD, Website

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Post Status: Active
Initiative recipient country/countries: Mozambique
Initiative dates:  –
Last updated: 8 March 2022

Initiative Description

The Ministry of Health (MISAU), in fulfilling its mandate to provide health services to all Mozambicans, has drawn up the Strategic Health Sector Plan (PESS) 2014-2019 with a view to “helping all Mozambicans, especially target groups vulnerable, to enjoy the best possible health, at an affordable cost. ” Despite the existence of a lot of health information available to help citizens to avoid contracting diseases as well as taking initial measures whenever symptoms arise, the segment of the population that most needs this information is often deprived of it, due to the means of communication. communication used. Email / Internet campaigns rarely reach hidden areas, and many citizens remain without the means to buy televisions or enough energy to power this device. It is for these reasons that we found a possible solution on mobile phones, and in particular the Educational Health Information Platform (PENSA).

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