Ezolwaluko is a provincial Web platform that serves as database for initiates and traditional surgeons. Ezolwaluko was designed to be an Initiation Watch” that provides citizens with information on whether the traditional surgeons are registered with the Eastern Cape Department of Health or not. On the web platform, Eastern Cape citizens can report illegal traditional surgeons, register to become a traditional surgeon with the Department of Health and report initiates in trouble. Ezolwaluko is provinsionally available in both English and IsiXhosa.

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City Press

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Code for Africa, Open Data Durban, Eastern Cape Department of Health

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Commercial Organisation

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City Press Assistant Editor: Nicki Gules


011 713 9485 / 073 207 2200


Updated: 2018/09/25

What if I can’t find a project on the database?

If you know of a project or initiative that is not on the database please contact with as much information as possible including contact details. We want to make the database as comprehensive as possible but we need the community’s help to do so.