DearSA   is an online participation platform which creates awareness of draft policy amendments at municipal, provincial, national and SOE levels. It also provides an easy-to-use method of immediately engaging with government and submitting comment or suggestion on a policy. Its presented as an objective platform, without bias, to encourage input from all points of view. It is not a petition platform as each comment is individually submitted to government from the user while a record of participation is held by civil society and reflected in a report after closing. Since launching in Jan 2018, we have managed to attract over 700,000 unique participants in various projects and maintain an active participant database of around 450,000. We have been instrumental in shaping a number of policies, from Municipal level (CoCT) to national (Amending Section 25 – where we were responsible for 230,000 individual public comments flooding parliament).

Online presence


South Africa

Key people

Rob Hutchinson – full-time civil activist for over ten years, one of the original founders of Outa, founder of Proudly eTag Free, Dear South Arica and more recently – elected Deputy General Secretary of COPE (although DearSA is presented away from politics and not affiliated to any party). I have 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising and brand building with a sharp focus on tech platforms and digital media.

Ted Blom – well known Energy Expert who is a director of DearSA and the Energy Expert Coalition (one of the Expert Coalitions DearSA hosts). Sandra Dickson – highly visible and well known civil rights activist based in Cape Town, who exposes and questions Municipal policy decisions in the City of Cape Town Metro. Sandra used to own and run a prominent tech-based solutions company.

Mark Surgeon – a young political and civil activist with a strong tech and development background.


Updated: 4/13/2019

What if I can’t find a project on the database?

If you know of a project or initiative that is not on the database please contact with as much information as possible including contact details. We want to make the database as comprehensive as possible but we need the community’s help to do so.