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Robert Sakanyi

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Robert Sakanyi

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South Africa

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Black Ubuntu Technologies

Post Status: Active
Initiative recipient country/countries: South Africa
Initiative dates: 2023 –
Last updated: 25 March 2024

Initiative Description

Black Ubuntu known as BU, represents the authentic self-expression to "Be you". BU will go beyond The Student Hub's educational platform, which made postsecondary education available to students all over Africa. Employers and educational institutions will benefit from BU's addition of technology through enhanced job placement, continuous skill assessments or training, and student funding. Moreover, BU is committed to using science to advance humanity, aiming to increase the affordability and accessibility of post-secondary education for African students. Black Ubuntu uses technology to increase educational access. Its innovative teaching strategies go beyond traditional classroom settings, empowering students to recognise and fulfill their life’s purpose and discover their gifts. BU has developed and will operate the career tech platform. As an integrated opportunity portal for employers, the career tech platform provides a free job matching network, pairing students with employers according to their verified capabilities and giving firms assurance about a graduate's aptitude. By gathering information at every stage of a student's educational experience, BU provides a thorough understanding of its students and links them with employers who need their particular skill sets. Using automated logbooks for TVET internships, BU can better forecast students’ employment performance by validating their accomplishments and workplace experience. With this platform, you may instantly access a pool of pre-screened prospects, streamlining the hiring process.

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