Alidade is an online interactive tool that helps organisations plan how to choose or develop civic tech tools using an evidence-based approach. It is based on research conducted in South Africa and Kenya amongst around forty organisations. Alidade guides the user through a set of questions that can help them decide what kind of technology tool would fit with their project. Each step includes tips, real-life examples, and useful resources to help users answer the questions. Alidade then puts together a structured PDF document that can be used to engage colleagues, to explain the requirements to technical providers or to show partners.
Online presence

Home Organisation

The Engine Room

Other Partners

The Network Society Lab and Mtaani Initiative
Network Society Lab, The Engine Room

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Key people

Tom Walker
Indra de Lanerolle
Sasha Kinney



Updated: 2018/09/01

What if I can’t find a project on the database?

If you know of a project or initiative that is not on the database please contact with as much information as possible including contact details. We want to make the database as comprehensive as possible but we need the community’s help to do so.