Civic Tech in Africa is a podcast by the Civic Tech Innovation Network in partnership with VowFM. The podcast focuses on the profiling of civic tech initiatives and civic innovators, activists, researchers, social entrepreneurs and others working in the civic tech space and other related fields in Africa

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The impact of open data

In this episode, we hear from Richard Gevers, founder of Open Cities Lab, a civic technology lab focused on using open data for African urban challenges. Richard is also one of the founding Reference Group members for the Civic Tech Innovation Network. Richard shares his journey from an open data meetup which snowballed into Open Cities Lab focused on using open data in governance.

User-Centred Civic Tech with OpenUp

In this episode, we speak to JD Bothma and Adrian Kearnsbout OpenUp’s approach in implementing civic tech projects and reflect on some challenges they have faced in implementing civic tech projects in rural South Africa. They also talk about the importance of implementing user-centred civic tech projects when attempting to resolve people’s real-life challenges.

Understanding the work of Civic Tech in Africa

In this episode, CTIN Project Assistant Mmabatho Montse, speaks to Professor Geci Karuri-Sebina, National Coordinator at Civic Tech Innovation Network who will share with us more about the Civic Tech Innovation Network and its work. She was invited to be a national organiser at CTIN in its first year, 2018, to support its efforts to engage with different actor groups in SA, including local and national government officials who were relatively unaware of the emerging field of civic tech.

Woman to woman mentorship

In this episode, Tina James spoke about “woman to woman mentorship in ICT, including the different roles women have to play in society. She shared how differently the COVID-19 pandemic affected women-owned businesses differently, some having experienced total devastation in their businesses, and others have gained more business and opportunities due to the high demand for online services.

Women Leading in Technology

In this episode Zine Nkukwana shares her experiences around leading in technology as an African woman entrepreneur in the Information Technology and Communication space. Zine spoke about the skills development programmes Lindamahle offers women and youth entrepreneurs in this industry. Zine spoke about the differences in opportunities for people living in urban and rural areas, particularly for women and youth.

Social innovation and technology

Niousha Roshani is a social scientist, serial entrepreneur, researcher and visionary leader with a global approach and citizenship connecting change-makers in diverse sectors to opportunities around the world. She is the co-founder of Global Black Youth, which connects, amplifies and invests in the reach and impact of the most cutting-edge technology generated by young Black disruptors, innovators and entrepreneurs on a global scale.

Niousha spoke about the rich cultural experiences she has enjoyed in the countries she has lived and how this has given her a global perspective

Tech for Women and Girls

In this episode, we are in conversation with Baratang Miya, who has 18 years of experience as a tech entrepreneur, consulting start-ups as a content creator, product designer and visual communicator specializing in user experience and mobile product management. She is the founder of Girlhype Coders, an initiative created with the purpose of teaching young women to code and also mentoring women who are pursuing STEM careers.

Baratang spoke about her experiences as a woman in the tech space and how different the experiences have been for her.

Jamlab Meetup Podcasts

Part 1: Reclaiming African narratives through storytelling: What’s Needed?

This Jamlab Meetup in collaboration with the Civic Tech Innovation Network aimed to reflect upon work that is being done to decolonise African narratives but also to look forward to resetting Africa onto a new path of solidifying its stories and futures. The session unpacked ways in which journalism, media and civic tech communities can contribute to reshaping African narratives.

Jamlab Meetup: African Elections, African Voice, Roles for journalism and civic tech communities

This #JamlabMeetup conversation focused on what the implications might be for the roles of the media and various civic tech actors who are typically involved with trying to strengthen citizen engagement, increase transparency, accountability and democratic governance. Panelists shared strategies that can be implemented to help journalists and civic activists to prepare and improve on ways of empowering communities and the diversity of voices within the public space through digital media and other social innovations.

Part 2: Reclaiming African narratives through storytelling: Making it happen

This Jamlab Meetup in collaboration with the Civic Tech Innovation Network aimed to reflect upon work that is being done to decolonise African narratives. In this second part of the “Reclaiming African narratives” conversation, we are called on the “Do’ers” to share their learnings on bringing others into the market, interrogating their models and innovations. What are issues that need attention e.g. around funding, policy environment, etc.

Jamlab Meetup: Financing and monetising your civic tech platform or media start-up in Africa

Financing or monetising a new venture can be a daunting task, especially if you have minimal experience in soliciting funding. And with the pandemic having devasted many industries, many small organisations have had to rethink how to remain sustainable in these uncertain times. In this fourth Jamlab Meetup in collaboration with the Civic Tech Innovation Network, we ask the questions; Who are the funders? Where does one begin looking for funding?. The speakers shared funding tips and strategies for civic tech and media innovation, and how organisations seeking grant funding or support from contemporary funders in general can better position and prepare themselves.