How to run a successful online campaign

Learn how to galvanise support through online campaigns from successful South African organisation

Founding executive director of, Koketso Moeti speaking during a break-away session at the Civic Tech Innovation Forum 2018. Picture: JAPSTA JUPITER

Successful examples

Moeti has run and been involved in many successful campaigns including efforts concerning Life Esidimeni, the ongoing DataMustFall campaign and a project titled ‘Tell the government to abandon nuclear and invest in 100% Black-owned renewable energy’ and many more on the site.

How to plan a successful campaign

It all starts with a clear vision. “Firstly, it is important that you define yourselves and your goals because if you do not, someone else will define you. Not defining the important aspects of your campaign will affect the chances of it achieving the goals set,” says Moeti. “The push to change is not linear, there are different contributions and digital provides a chance to harness a community.”

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