How tech is fighting the pandemic in Africa Newsletter

How Technology is Aiding the COVID-19 Fight in Africa

Digital rights organisation, the Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) has rounded up how tech is fighting the pandemic in Africa. As the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) continues to spread globally, various African governments have imposed sweeping measures such as travel bans, curfews, the prohibition of mass gatherings, mandatory quarantines, closure of learning institutions, entertainment spots and borders to curb the pandemic. Some of these measures have boosted the use of digital technologies.

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Why Access to Information on COVID-19 is Crucial to Persons with Disabilities in Africa

CIPESA: There is growing concern that critical messages about the disease that are disseminated by health authorities, telecom companies, and broadcasters are not reaching persons with visual and hearing impairments. 

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Coronavirus, here’s what mobile networks should do

Sign‘s latest campaign. Mobile network providers cannot look at this crisis and sit in silence. Here’s what they should be doing 

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Civil society in the digital age in Africa: identifying threats and mounting pushbacks

This study was undertaken by the Centre for Human Rights, the University of Pretoria and CIPESA  to explore the extent of state-sponsored digital challenges that the civil society in Africa is faced with.

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Call for local COVID-19 data responses

The SACN is compiling an open evidence mapping of the use of open government data to address the COVID-19 response in South Africa’s cities and provinces.

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Apply for these opportunities in May

Here is a shortlist of fellowships, grants, funds and other opportunities available for social innovation, NGOs, start-ups and more.

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