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Threats to Democracy Webinar
11:00 to 13:00 - 25 November 2020
Zoom, https://zoom.us/

The Civic Tech Innovation Network (CTIN) in partnership with EndCode hosted a webinar on threats to democracy in Subsaharan Africa

The session focused on three sub-themes:

Fake news, misinformation and disinformation (and their agendas) as a threat to democracy

  • Including media suppression

Internet shutdowns - internet governance

  • Digital rights
  • Recourse for citizens, where can civic tech come in, civil society,
  • How can organisations such as civic tech organisations, civil society organisations etc band together and fight threats to democracy through technology?

Access to information

  • How can Africans enjoy the full benefits of the internet especially during the pandemic?
  • How technology can improve or undermine democracy depending on how it is used and who controls it.

CTIN also showcased Training Day, a short film based on Paradigm Initiative’s 2019 Digital Rights in Africa report, featuring the story of a young man whose quest for work took an unexpected turn.

Watch the Webinar here




  • 11:00 - 13:00 : Threats to Democracy

    Webinar session


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