Smarter Cities – Participation
14:00 to 16:00 - 20 Oct 2020

Smarter Cities Session

Smarter Cities – Participation

Smarter Cities – Participation

Smarter Cities – Participation

Smart cities and digital technologies present opportunities that can better public services for citizens, enable efficient use of resources and minimise environmental impact. This webinar focused on how communities and their stakeholders can engage in making “smart cities” and the lessons from around the world that Africa can draw from. Principles that can be employed and cautions about the future of African smart city-making emerged. This session, titled “Smart Cities and Participation” featured  Julien Carbonnel, Simina Lazar from ASToN Network,  Derrick Demeveng from GeOsm and Charlynn Ainembabazi from Kampala Capital City Authority.

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Session Speakers

Julien Carbonnell

Smart-City and CivicTech entrepreneur and PhD Researcher & Project Lead @ Democracy Studio

Julien has worked as a Real Estate Developer in South of France (2009-2018). He started to work on urban innovation projects from 2012, with a particular interest for new business models and managing the commons. His first startup OpenPI was dedicated to spreading open-source values and processes in the urban development field. Most recently he focused on Civic Technologies and started a PhD thesis for a doctorate degree in Urban Science on the topic "Stakeholder Engagement in Smart-City". His last startup project is called Democracy Studio and aims to deploy Decentralized Autonomous Organisations among localities. It means providing an all-in-one platform for local communities (can be neighbours, condominiums or shopping mall tenants) to be able to vote, trade and organize mutual benefit without depending on external governance.

Simina Lazar

Coordinator at the ASToN network

Simina Lazar has been working for more than 10 years with local governments and organisations in Africa and in Europe to design sustainable urban policies and tackle complex problems, as well as developing digital policies in a user-centred way.
Simina is coordinating the ASToN network, Paris France. ASToN network brings 11 African cities together to develop digital practices in order to create sustainable & inclusive cities



  • 14:00 - 16:00 : Smarter Cities – Participation