Jam Café 2: Re-imagining New Narratives
16:30 to 18:00 - 15 Oct 2020
Zoom, https://zoom.us/

Re-imagining New Narratives

As the future of cities and societies change, what role do our narratives play in the shaping of those spaces?

Michael Mutisunge Phoya (Muti), a Malawian artist, author and filmmaker, designs and delivers projects that tell stories challenging the Malawian status quo. He highlighted four key areas that should guide African storytellers as they push towards re-imagining new narratives for their contexts: the ownership of stories, creating meta-data, creating thriving local ecosystems, and ensuring inclusivity and showing up on the global stage.

Coumba Toure, a coordinator for Africans Rising, highlighted the importance of creating and showcasing narratives that promote women in everyday scenarios.

Finally, Anirban Dutta, a filmmaker and photographer pointed out that stories tend to build off each other and before one gets to share a story, it is important to embed oneself in the community.

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Our Speakers

Mutisunge Etter-Phoya Photo

Mutisunge Etter-Phoya

Founder of Logos Open Culture, Malawi

Michael Mutisunge Noel Phoya (Muti) is a Malawian artist, author, and filmmaker mainly interested in pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial Malawi/Africa, globalisation, and new media in Africa. He is also interested in the sharing of knowledge, especially through the Open Movement.

He is the Founder of Logos Open Culture, Malawi where he is:

– Leading collective including researchers, technologists, writers and thinkers to bring new and otherwise unseen insights to the Malawi story
– Digital strategist for the open repository ‘Malawian (Hi)Stories and the Medical Humanities’ archiving digital arts and humanities research in medicine and health sciences in Malawi
– Carried out scoping for digitisation of National Archives of Malawi manuscripts
– Published Malawi, A Place Apart (Asbjorn Eidhammer, 2017), Lomathinda: Rose Chibambo Speaks (Timwa Lipenga, 2019) and An African Uprising (documentary in production)

Coumba Toure

Coordinator for Africans Rising

Coordinator for Africans Rising for peace justice and dignity based in Dakar, she was born and raised in West Africa, Coumba Toure is a writer and a storyteller. She designs and produces a range of educational material and programs for children and young people (books, clothes, games) through Falia artist collective and production house. She has extensive experience in facilitating meetings, engaging young people, and designing and implementing and evaluating programs promoting peace and justice, especially for women. She is a certified coach and a strong public speaker. She has more than twenty years of experience working with organizations such as Ashoka supporting social entrepreneurs globally, the Institute for Popular Education in Mali designing alternative education programs, the 21st-century youth leadership movement in Selma Alabama connecting Africans across continents, and Youth for environment sanity in California support leadership training for young. She is a member of the African Feminist Forum as well as the Per Ankh writers cooperative. She is a member of the African Consultant International board. She is a mother and a sister to many.

Anirban Dutta

Filmmaker and photographer

Tafadzwa Tseisi is a Zimbabwean based media practitioner currently managing one of Zimbabwe’s disruptive Online Media Platforms – The FeedZW a young and vibrant platform that produces short videos on socio-economic and political issues affecting young people from diverse communities in Zimbabwe.

Tseisi is the Founder of Award Winning Start-Up Initiative Journalism Students Network of Zimbabwe a project that bridges the gap between Tertiary institutions and the industry.
In 2017, Tseisi was nominated for the 100 Great Zimbabweans in the Digital Media Category.

Tseisi is passionate about working with young people in governance, democracy and development issues.



  • 16:30 - 18:00 : Jam Café 2: Re-imagining New Narratives

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