Jam Café 1: Re-imagining Public Opinion and Satire
16:30 to 18:00 - 8 Oct 2020
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Reimagining Public Opinion and Satire

The role of satirists in undermining propaganda and challenging those in power has never been more important than it is in society today. Stephen Horn, the producer of the South African political satire platform, Politically Aweh, spoke on the role of comedy and satire in media and political commentary. Mainstream news has experienced a reduction in readership, and media outlets are required to adapt and appeal to the youth in order to remain relevant. The next speaker was artist, cartoonist and activist, Masoud Kipanya, whose political satire has been making waves and activating the civic spirit in East and Southern Africa for almost two decades. Kipanya’s political satire critically evaluates the censorship and freedom of speech in politics and media.

These were the views of some of Africa’s emerging young satirists speaking at the Reimagining Public Opinion and Satire session of the Urban Festival 2020.

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Our Speakers


Masoud Kipanya

Political cartoonist

Ally Masoud Nyomwa,  alias Masoud Kipanya is the leading political cartoonist in Tanzania. His first cartoon appeared in a newspaper in 1989. For years Masoud has worked with a significant number of local and international organizations in simplifying hard text into popular version, these organizations include DFID, WORLD BANK, UNDP, ILO and UNICEF.

In 2003 in collaboration with the Urban Authority Partnership Project, he illustrated the popular version on 'Auditing Poverty in Tanzania', a joint approach at local government level under the Local Government Reform Program. www.srds.co.uk/uapp2/kipanya. In 2004 Masoud joined Tanzania’s leading daily paper, Mwananchi as a chief editorial cartoonist. 

In 2010 Masoud was chosen by the British Council (Tanzania) to be an icon for climate change in Tanzania with the aim of using art to 'creating awareness' among young people on the issues of global warming.

He does animation and currently works with the 'Mwananchi', the local leading daily paper as a Chief Editorial Cartoonist. Masoud has been involved as the guest speaker in many mentorship programs for young people. Masoud is among the top five influencers on social media in the country with a combined audience of almost 2,000,000: Facebook (258,000), Twitter (1,000,000) and Instagram (1,600,000).

Stephen Horn

Producer at Politically Aweh

Stephen Horn is a Cape Town-based video editor, director and producer who has been working in the online video space for over a decade. He is an associate member of the South African Guild of Editors and headed up post-production on the Loerie Award-winning Xperia Mashlab music collaboration series. Through his Bouncing Biscuit Studios production company, he created satirical news show, Politically Aweh, which has been featured on the likes of Daily Maverick, Afropunk (USA), ITV News (UK) and shown in schools, universities and government training workshops.

Tafadzwa Tseisi

Project Officer at The FeedZW

Tafadzwa Tseisi is a Zimbabwean based media practitioner currently managing one of Zimbabwe’s disruptive Online Media Platforms – The FeedZW a young and vibrant platform that produces short videos on socio-economic and political issues affecting young people from diverse communities in Zimbabwe.

Tseisi is the Founder of Award Winning Start-Up Initiative Journalism Students Network of Zimbabwe a project that bridges the gap between Tertiary institutions and the industry.
In 2017, Tseisi was nominated for the 100 Great Zimbabweans in the Digital Media Category.

Tseisi is passionate about working with young people in governance, democracy and development issues.



  • 16:30 - 18:00 : Reimagining Public Opinion & Satire

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