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CTIF20: Civic Tech Innovation Forum 2020
11:00 19 March 2020 to 16:00 20 March 2020
Zoom, https://zoom.us/



19 – 20 March 2020

Every year CTIN plans to put together the only civic tech conference in the continent, the Civic Tech Innovation Forum aims to bring the civic tech community together. The event is for all people who are interested in how new technologies could enable better services and relationships between government and citizens.

We invite the civic tech community, government and non-governmental organisations including techies, activists, current and potential civic tech users, students and the digital media community to come and join us once a year.

The annual conferences are intended to enable network members to engage face to face, learn about innovations, tools and techniques, share experiences and meet potential collaborators.

We are pleased to share that the Civic Tech Innovation Network held some online engagements to replace the Civic Tech Innovation Forum that was to be held in Johannesburg.

#CTIF2020 webinar series

Session 1: Has Civic Tech delivered on its much-hyped promise?

Has civic tech delivered on its much-hyped promise? What has been more or less significant or impactful for Africa? What appears to be lying ahead? The keynote speaker and panel will engage and debate from their various vantages.

  • Moderator: Zukiswa Kota
  • Speakers: Al Kags
  • Discussants: Richard Gevers, Nathalie Dijkman

Watch the session here

Session 2: COVID-19: Reshaping the norm.

Panellists will share their reflections and speculations on potential implications of health pandemics like COVID-19 on communities like CTIN’s. What does COVID-19 (as a blip or a longer-term feature) change, if anything, in how we think of social innovation / civic tech / of COPs / the task of supporting activist tech-based communities?

  • Moderator: Geci Karuri-Sebina
  • Speaker: Craig Wing
  • Discussants: Koketso Moeti, Richard Gevers, Deborah Byrne

Watch the session here

Session 3: Strengthening the Civic Tech ecosystem in SA

How we expand the civic tech community and its impact? The session will offer local and global reflections on directions, challenges and opportunities for civic tech actors; key messages/ideas for what the enablement issues are; how these could be achieved. After reflections from Taiwan and Africa, the local (SA) discussants will be invited to respond and consider from their unique local vantage points (entrepreneurship, gender, etc.).

How can we specifically leverage and support civic tech in SA going forward? How can the people doing civic tech be directly supported/enabled more? What could other ecosystem actors do or how could they support/use civic tech better or differently (raging from those who procure, use, fund, commercialise, study, or talk about the tech)?

  • Moderator: Geci Karuri-Sebina
  • Speakers: Audrey Tang — Taiwan, Lesley Williams — Africa
  • Discussants: Tiyani Nghonyama, Zine Nkukwana

Watch the session here



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Civic Tech Field Guide: The Screencast Video



  • 11:00 - 16:00 : CTIF20

    Civic Tech Innovation Forum 2020


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