Civic Tech Innovation Forum 2022 (CTIF22)
09:00 10 Oct 2022 to 14:00 27 Oct 2022

Save the Date: CTIF22 is coming

We are pleased to announce we will be hosting our annual conference, the Civic Tech Innovation Forum (CTIF) in October. The forum will take place over a three-week period from 10 October to 27 October 2022.

Building on previous successes and lessons from the last five CTIF conferences, this year, CTIN is doing CTIF a little differently. CTIF22 will be a hybrid forum, featuring a full week exhibition, virtual events and a two-day physical event in Johannesburg. The convening aims to bring together Africa’s small but active civic tech community with the broader potential civic tech user and interest community, both governmental and non-governmental, for the purpose of sharing, learning, inspiration and overall capacity building.

Theme - CTIF22 Unplugged (but still connecting)

As we are getting used to COVID-19 as endemic, much can be said about the effects it has had on our sense of community. We have connected virtually with the rest of the world for over two years and have been online more than any other time in our history. Democratic processes have also moved online with the help of digital innovations and civic technologies all over the continent. Some may argue that during this time we have been overly connected. So overly connected in the fact that

even when we do share physical spaces, we are never really there, preferring rather to be glued to our screens and seldom to connect to those around us. And there is a question of whether our online connections are really translating to offline action. 

In 2022, we go unplugged but still remain connected. We attempt to have real conversations about the effects of digitalisation on our shared experiences. We will use the good old power of storytelling to share our truths about the journey of digital transformation and how it should factor into our individual and collective being and doing going forward. 

Our idea of unplugging is both literal and intuitive. We are unplugging from our laptops to show up in person as we host our first live event in over 2 years. And as we venture into unfamiliar territory, we will also be coming together to unplug from only individual work and unidirectional mass media to gather intimately to reconnect, learn, laugh and share our experiences in person. 

CTIF22 Unplugged will bring real, clear and stripped-down conversations about the opportunities and effects of digitalisation from life as we know it, and for life, as we want it.

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  • 9:00 - 16:00 : Civic Tech Innovation Forum 2022 (2022)

    Annual forum


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