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Case Studies Series: Business Models for Funding in Civic Tech
17:00 to 18:30 - 17 November 2020
Zoom, https://zoom.us/

Business Models for Funding Civic Tech in Africa

This session explored why many civic tech projects are not able to scale and what emerging business models and earned revenue sources for civic tech practitioners are available.

One major research insight that emerged from the session was that there is potential for scaling and developing business models among African civic tech, but it will be essential to create an “enabling environment” and via:

(i) Creating visibility of their platforms to commercial businesses
(ii) Engaging more citizens via their platforms
(iii) Creating a buy-in and develop trust with governments
(iv) Building the civic tech Infrastructure

Watch The Session

  1. iCampus: Business Models for funding civic tech in Africa

  2. Gavel: Using technology to accelerate Justice in Nigeria

  3. iTakeActions/Noble Missions: Improving access to quality education for children

Event Speakers

  1. Luther Jeke, Founder of iCampus
  2. Nelson Olanipekun Founder of Gavel 
  3. Charles Omofomwan from iTakeActions



  • 17:00 - 18:30 : Case Studies Series: Business Models for Funding in Civic Tech

    Webinar session


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