Civic Tech Innovation Database


The Civic Tech Innovation Database is a living collection of civic tech initiatives in South Africa. It is managed by JamLab for the Civic Tech Innovation Network. You can search the database by the name of the project, by the type of platform, by organisation or by keywords. For each initiative we have identified we have included as much information about the platform, its creators and partners as we can. We have also included contact information wherever possible.

How can I use the database?
If you are planning a new civic tech initiative we strongly advise that you use the database to see if anyone has tried to do something similar. It might help you to see what they have done. You may also want to contact them to learn more about how they did it and what challenges they faced.

If you are interested in understanding what is going on in the civic tech and civic innovation field in South Africa, who is involved, what they are doing and what successes and challenges they are facing we hope this will be a useful resource.

If you are looking for partners and collaborators we also hope that you will search the database.

How up to date is it?
Each entry includes the date when the entry was last updated. We aim to update the database at least quarterly.

The database
Click on the organisation name to read a full profile.

* Alidade
* Awetu
* Baobab Law & Connect
* City of Cape Town Open Data Portal
* Community-Based Monitoring (CBM)
* CrimeSync
* Data Zetu
* Dear South Africa
* DeedsWeb
* Durban Answers
* Enough is Enough
* Ezolwaluko
* Gauteng Department of Education Online School Registration
* GovChat
* Grassroot
* Grassroot Livewire
* Hey! Lawyer
* GreenAlert
* Health-E News: Izwi lami
* Hashtag Our Stories
* InTAcT ( Integrity, Transparency, Accountability and Technology in South African Cities project)
* Justice Today
* Kenya Open Data
* Kubatana
* LawPadi
* M-Haki
* Maji Voice
* Medicine Price Registry
* Memeza Shout Crime Prevention
* MineAlert
* MobiSAM
* Municipal Finance Data
* Municipal Money
* Namola Watch
* Namola
* Nkola App
* openAfrica
* Open By-laws
* Open Burkina
* Open County
* OpenDuka
* Open Data Portal
* Open Gazettes
* People’s Assembly
* Planning 4 Informality
* Pocket Reporter
* Public People
* Shine Your Eye
* sourceAfrica
* South Africa National Data Portal
* South African Local Government Association (SALGA) Municipal Barometer
* Sudpay
* Tipster
* The City Integrity Transparency, Accountability and Technology Project (InTAcT)
* The NRF’s SA Data Archive
* Tumenye
* Tunabakonzi
* Turn
* U-Report Central Africa Republic
* U-Report Chad
* U-Report Eswatini
* U-Report Ghana
* U-Report Guinea
* U-Report Gambia
* U-Report Liberia
* U-Report Mali
* U-Report Malawi
* U-Report Mozambique
* U-Report Papua New Guinea
* U-Report Senegal
* U-Report Sierra Leone
* U-Report Uganda
* U-Report Zimbabwe
* UCT Data First
* Vulekamali
* Vote Women
* Wazimap
* We Speak
* Youth Explorer
* Zlato


What if I can’t find a project on the database?

If you know of a project or initiative that is not on the database please contact with as much information as possible including contact details. We want to make the database as comprehensive as possible but we need the community’s help to do so.