CTIF2020 Webinar Series Newsletter

#CTIF2020, a virtual conference

Wit the coronavirus spreading a rapid pace across the world, we, at  the Civic Tech Innovation Network were faced with the tough decision of calling off our much anticipated third annual Civic Tech Innovation Forum. But we were not going to let a mere virus hold us back and we quickly turned lemons into lemonade by hosting three  civic tech webinars with several international and African speakers. We share some of those highlights in this newsletter.

Minimise civic tech hype, maximise people, inclusion and participation

Four key takeaways on whether civic tech has delivered on its “hyped-up”’ promise.

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Social norms and people should drive civic tech

How can we leverage and support civic tech in South Africa going forward?

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COVID-19 is changing our societal values

The proliferation of the Coronavirus could be an opportunity to develop new people-centred values and practices 

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Check out some of the civic tech digital exhibitions

Here are some digital exhibitions of the most interesting, effective and innovative civic tech initiatives in Africa and around the world  Watch Here

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