Call for Case Studies: Share your civic tech case study with our community

Case studiesThe Civic Tech Innovation Network (CTIN) is welcoming any case studies that focus on topics related to civic tech. We would like to share your research far and wide with our community and readers. This is part of CTIN’s plan to build and engage with the civic tech community in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

The case studies submitted here will be published and shared as widely as we can. To share your work with us all you have to do is fill out of this form. We are open to case studies from South Africa and other players in Africa in the civic tech industry.

Keywords, themes and topics that the Civic Tech Case Study Project explores include:

Government Technology; Open Governance; Open Data; City innovation; Smart Cities; Data Science; Civic Innovation; Citizen Participation; Civic Technology; Community-driven civic tech; Digital Activism; Civil society organisations and civic tech; Digital Rights

Please Note: This is guiding list, not restrictive, your case studies can go beyond range these themes and topics are always welcome. CTIN is open to new ideas.

The case studies submitted will be used in content creation, we will write articles on your work that engages with our readers. The case studies will also be compiled and added to our CTIN database of civic tech case studies and shared through our various channels.